Cristal Planet

Mermaid doll with pale purple ringlets and a blue gem tiara. She has blue eyeshadow and closed eyes. She holds her arms out and a bubble floats above each hand. Her bra and tail are matching shades of blue, with purple fins that match her hair. A doll of Shy Violet from Rainbow Brite with pink accents for her hair accessory, sleeves, and socks. She is accompanied by a pink sprite with striped legs. A doll with a pink and white color palette. She has long pink pigtails and a ruffled head accessory in lolita style with two roses. She is holding a bouquet of matching roses and has large fairy wings. Her dress has a square neckline and layered puff-sleeves, with a short skirt and petticoats. She is also wearing fishnet stockings and pink mary-jane shoes.
A doll in a very theatrical pink-and-black butterfly costume that includes enormous wings with multiple sections, a headpiece that comes up into swirling antennae, and a full-length sleeveless dress with a mermaid cut. A doll of Cardcaptor Sakura from the anime of the same name. She has fluffy white wings and a frilly pink dress and hat. She also wears white stockings and has red ribbons on her hat, shoes, and at her collar.
A doll wearing a red lolita-style dress with a bustier, corset, and short, layered skirt. She has a partially transparent bustle and thigh-highs with boots. Her hair is blonde and in two buns (space buns) with bangs and a red bow in the center. She holds up a stuffed bunny. A cartoon-style doll with long blonde hair that curls at the ends and 4 stars behind her. She has a t-shirt and pink skirt, striped knee-high socks, and big red-and-gold sneakers. A doll of The Bride from the Kill Bill movies (as played by Uma Thurman). She has long blonde hair, wears her signature yellow jumpsuit, and holds a katana.
An animated doll based on Lum from Urusei Yatsura, posing in front of a crescent moon, standing in water up to her knee and holding a levitating blue orb. She has long teal hair, small orange horns, and is wearing a toga-style dress with gold accessories. A fantasy doll with pale gray skin and feathered bird wings. She wears a gold and blue leotard outfit and a winged headpiece. Her blue hair goes up in spikes. She has two large golden sphere earrings.