Sabraelle's Garden

Mermaid doll laying down, arms crossed, her tail up. She has green hair and her tail is blue and green. Fairy doll curled up as if sleeping.
Fantasy doll with braided red hair and a green tattered cloak. Swirls of magic emerge from her upturned hands Autumnal doll with a sunflower in her black hair, holding a sheaf of wheat and leaning against a large pumpkin. A swirl of leaves and sparkles trails behind her. Roman-styled doll with a flowing blue dress and curled brown hair in an updo, holding a gold staff
Centaur doll with a yellow horse body and pink hair/tail with flowers in both Fantasy doll with long blonde hair and a blue and purple dress Fantasy doll with long blonde hair and a red and orange dress with black trim. She holds a small candle with one hand and holds up the front of her flowing skirts with the other Doll wearing full-body fishnets and a gothic green dress, with black gloves and boots