Hey, what's that game you keep recommend-ing?

Yudashi Peril (or YDSP) is a narrative visual novel 10 years in the making. It features supernatural mystery elem-ents and gothic horror themes. Created by one lesbian and fea-turing a broad cast of LGBT protagonists, YDSP is about being a gay teenager, but not in a fun way.

What's so great about it?

Deeply felt emotional narr-ative encircling a hidden truth. Averting a fatal prophecy. Girls good as well as, sadly, evil. You can date, but it's not a dating sim. Immerse yourself for better or worse.

Can I play this if...

The target audience for this game is gay people in their 20s who were in high school in the 2010s. Rated T for Teen or possibly M for Mature if you really want to be extra careful.

YDSP cont-ains mentions, implications, and discussions of: grooming, incest, child sexual abuse. There is no ex-plicit sexual content, and none of the above topics are presented in a positive or rom-anticized light.

In addition, YDSP contains depictions of dissociation, self harm, sui-cide, and mur-der.

Please put your comfort and safety first when deciding whether you would be comf-ortable playing this game. It does not shy away from dark topics, but focuses primar-ily on the long-term effects felt by the victims in these abusive situations.


I did help work on the game (editing, proofreading, script revision, background composition) and I know the creator person-ally. Support your friends and local crea-tors. Also, it's free/pay what you want.

Fun stuff

A limited sel-ection of the fanart I've made for my friend's game.