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Name Edie (ee-dee)
Years 28 (d.o.b. 1995)
Pronouns they, them, their
Adjectives eccentric, eclectic, esoteric
Verbs research, visualize, fuss
Hobbies crochet, garden, art (various)
Flowers hydrangea, tulip, lilac
Candies peach rings, dark chocolate peanut butter cups
Genres magical realism, fairy tale, horror
Scents lavender, vanilla, coffee
Motifs millefleurs, moths, bones
Dislikes scalped lawn, last-minute scheduling, tomato
Architecture mid-century, gingerbread, nouveau
Video games sims 2-4, ace attorney, stardew
Recurring dreams public transit, back in school, family conversations
Current interests haw par villa, history of knitting

Q & A

Is your site appropriate for minors?

This site is appropriate for all ages. Sites I link to from here may not be. I will include warnings for particularly dark/horror-themed links. I'm also not likely to respond to or follow back minors if I can avoid it. This is for the sake of maintaining healthy boundaries; I have no negative feelings toward anyone, I just want you to stay safe out there.

Where are your background and borders from?

Traditional craft patterns have inspired much of the design of my website. You can find all of my currently available materials and resources in the compendium. I intend to write a tutorial about tiling background patterns soon.

How do you make pixel art?

I use photoshop (2023). I hope to provide tutorials here in the future.

What fonts are those?

Currently using: Princess Sofia (site header and decorative caps), Almendra SC (page header and navigation bar), Macondo Swash Caps (section header and bottom nav), and Lusitana (everything else). Additional fonts can be found in the compendium.


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