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This site is largely dedicated to pixel art. If it looks blurry, it may be an issue with your browser: try zooming out 10-20% and find what works for you! Working on mobile layout, feedback appreciated!

Bandcamp Friday 5/2024

Pixel version of the album cover for Bark Your Head Off, Dog by Hop Along

Bark Your head Off, Dog
Hop Along

Hop Along writes lyrics as if prose, describing moments of narrative as tangible in their specificity as sweat on the back of your neck on a hot summer day; they set prose to music with voiced smiles and the confident sound of summer surf rock. They are equal parts concrete and allegorical, referential and rhetorical. The singer has a rough, "unpolished" quality I find deeply charming, giving the impression of an almost childlike naivete, backed by depths of layered instrumentation that show the true complexity of their intent. Sunny major chords decorate the backdrop of a deeply thrumming sorrow. This is love and loss and memory, and even when it's gone, the emotion stays with us always.

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