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This page focuses on websites (designed and built primarily for the internet). Visit the compendium for literary and artistic resources.

Neocities + old web

Here you can find my button wall of neocities sites I enjoy and independent pixel art/doll sites. Some of these are remnants of the early 2000s and others are more contemporary, but all of them are still accessible without the use of the Wayback Machine! (Last update: September 2023)

Web materials/sozai

These sites offer a wide variety of decorations you can use for your own site! I've used a few of them myself! (Some of these sites are not in English, which can make navigation tricky. Don't give up!)


Fool that I am, I didn't realize people were still active there. Here are some very good pixel artists you can find on deviantart.


  • Gunnerkrigg Court, by Tom Siddell: All ages science-fantasy that has been running for over 15 years now with 2500+ pages. This was my very first webcomic and it's still one of my all-time favorites. Plot points that were set up when I was in middle and high school are finally paying off! The gold standard for long-form narrative comics in my opinion.
  • Short stories by Emily Carroll: Queen of web horror. Not recommended for kids--content warnings for body horror, gore, and more. A lot of her work experiments specifically with the web format in a way I find extremely compelling, notably: His Face All Red (the classic), Margot's Room, When the Darkness Presses (this one has fake ads for the old crowd of webcomic readers).
  • On A Sunbeam, by Tillie Walden: Completed sci-fi personal drama featuring a diverse cast of LGBT teens. You can get this as a hefty paperback, but it was originally published online here! Beautiful work.
  • The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo, by Drew Weing: All ages mystery-fantasy that has been running since 2014! I'll have to reread this because I don't remember the story but I know I liked it.


Additional websites I like. No social media and no guarantee these will interest anybody else.

  • Joanna Newsom Lyrics: The internet's number one source for Joanna Newsom Lyrics. Plenty of comparison and context if you're interested in learning more about any particular song. I also find the comments section is a wonderful place.
  • Alpentine: Owen Pallett fan site including lyrics, live recordings, analysis, and more. More Owen Pallett info than I knew existed.
  • Thriftbooks: if you don't already know. Cheap source for many, many, many used books, largely ex-library, great especially for children's books (I buy them for the illustrations) and older work that has been reprinted again and again but hasn't entered public domain.
  • Gallery Nucleus: contemporary illustration-focused art gallery. A lot of wonderful artists have work here, and you're likely to find some you hadn't seen before.
  • Atlas Obscura: Weird and interesting stuff around the world. Has a map view so you can find curiosities to visit in your area!
  • The Spriters Resource: Tons of video game graphics with a focus on pixel art. Check out Angelique for SNES.
  • Walter Wick: Portfolio website for the artist known for I Spy and others. Builds sets and dioramas, photographs them, and edits into illustrations. Beautiful behind the scenes work.
  • Old Book Illustrations, Art-Exlibris: Comprehensive and carefully organized illustration galleries. Including as much source information as possible and notes on copyright.
  • Hirox's Girl with the Pearl Earring: Amazing detailed + high res scan of a beautiful and iconic work by Vermeer.
  • The Public Domain Review
  • What's on the Menu? Historic restaurant menu scans from the New York Public Library
  • "FREE online dragon resources for everything you want to know about dragons," est. 1996


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